Party Prep

This week our Middle Miss is turning 12.

Next Saturday she’s having a Disco Party with about 20 Tweens.

I’m not stressing about the actual party as they’re a great bunch of kids.
It’s the Preparation that’s stressing me. Well the time I have to do it.

Between now & Saturday @6.30pm there’s a long list of other events going on.– hosting a committee meeting,
–sports training & 1st final game Saturday @2pm
–year 10 formal is Friday night so Miss 16 has a list of her own prep, waxing, tan, hair makeup etc…
— Actual birthday is Thursday, so family dinner.

Birthday stuff to organise is Cake, more decorations, food, games & prizes.
I’m planning on shopping & cooking Monday with Tuesday arvo free if I need more time.

Hubby is tidying up Garage now!! And I’m about to do house cleanup which will no doubt need re-doing on Saturday.

Writing it out actually makes it less daunting.

I think I need to go old school & write lists again.
Might investigate Bullet Journalling, next week when Birthday is over.