The countdowns started.

Well I’m wide awake at 6:05am on a Saturday.

Was a huge afternoon & night yesterday, Miss Yr10’s Formal.
She & her friends all looked stunning.

It’s now 12 hrs until Miss 12’s Disco Party!!
I’m pretty much organised just the food set up.
She’s so excited.

But I actually hate this time. The lead up to the event.
I double think everything.
Do we have enough food.
Will they have fun.
Is everything tidy. Etc…..

I have to keep telling myself that “They’re 12 year olds. Give them food, music & balloons. They’re going to have a ball.”
I hope. Wish Me Luck!!

I’m the same the day before a holiday, which we have a Huge one coming up in October so wish me luck for that too.

Must remember to Just Breathe.


Party Prep

This week our Middle Miss is turning 12.

Next Saturday she’s having a Disco Party with about 20 Tweens.

I’m not stressing about the actual party as they’re a great bunch of kids.
It’s the Preparation that’s stressing me. Well the time I have to do it.

Between now & Saturday @6.30pm there’s a long list of other events going on.– hosting a committee meeting,
–sports training & 1st final game Saturday @2pm
–year 10 formal is Friday night so Miss 16 has a list of her own prep, waxing, tan, hair makeup etc…
— Actual birthday is Thursday, so family dinner.

Birthday stuff to organise is Cake, more decorations, food, games & prizes.
I’m planning on shopping & cooking Monday with Tuesday arvo free if I need more time.

Hubby is tidying up Garage now!! And I’m about to do house cleanup which will no doubt need re-doing on Saturday.

Writing it out actually makes it less daunting.

I think I need to go old school & write lists again.
Might investigate Bullet Journalling, next week when Birthday is over.

Feeling like a Grown Up.

After another busy week I was on the couch at 6.30pm in my pj’s. I’d actually been in them since 4.30. Well it was Friday night.

Anyway I get the text to see if I want to go for drinks with the Girls.
My 1st thought was Better Homes & Gardens is on soon!!!
But I get up, get dressed & go out.

Drinks with the Girls is like therapy.
We laughed, vented & praised//bagged our lives.

So I wake up this morning to another Weekend filled with sports & kids social activities but I feel relaxed & refreshed.

Thanks girls you help me keep it together. Luv you all to bits 😘

I hope everyone has their own support group like I do.

Humans V’s Animals

“All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”
― George Orwell, Animal Farm
Not so on this house.

The animals are out numbering us.

Our 2 rabbits (which we thought were both girls, silly mistake) have started reproducing.
They were!! Free range in our back yard.
6 days ago we found 4 baby Bunnies we think they’re 3-4 weeks old.
We’ve since put them & mum in an enclosure. Without Dad.
But as Rabbits do, Mum delivered another litter 2 days ago another 5.

So I’ve been researching rabbit life.
OMGosh!!! They have 2 Uteruses so can carry 2 litters at once.
They can be pregnant again days after delivery.
So hopefully these are the only 2. We’ll know after 28 days.

Poor Bunny Mumma needs a rest. 🐰

As clear as mud!

I think I’m pretty computer/Ipad savvy But this doing my head in. Maybe I’m over complicating it.

At first it’s telling me to download Word Press then 5 “Easy” steps to connect to servers etc????!!!!

I think I’ve now worked out I can just login & go.

So hopefully this is going to work.

I must remember to Just Breathe 

Where to start?????

I’m not sure what I’m doing but I’m going to work it out eventually.
I am an avid researcher. I research & plan all big adventures before I begin, But I haven’t this time. Hopefully I’ll learn as I go. Fingers crossed.